Heavy track, but why not? Said König. He will be in full force at the time

DIRECT FROM RIA He did not finish the race with a mass start. As he ascended to the penultimate hill, his legs were already exposed by a stalk. “So we agreed with the Coach Finals that due to the time slot, it is not worth commuting around the 30th place. Now I’m going to go all the way to time, “explained Leopold König. From the target, he watched the thrilling finish and the ugly fall of Vincenza Nibali, who broke his collarbone.

They tried to fight but did not last. Jan Bárta, Zdeněk Štybar and Leopold König. They all fought for the Czech success in the race with a mass start, but neither of them did not see the target.

Someone fell before, somebody later…

“I was fine, racing. This year I have only gone 20 racing days.I’m going to the fifth hour or five and a half and my legs go away. I’m sad about it, I felt great, but performance is not there for the whole race. If I were to be a rider of one-time races, I would not be availing myself, “Leopold König told him.

When he was driving on the penultimate hill of the race, he did not have any help from the Czechs after his hard work and his legs were gone, He decided to drop the race. “We have agreed with Coach Finals that it is unlikely to commute to the 30th place due to the time, now I’m going to go all the way to the time.”

When he talked to reporters, he saw the final mileage of the race .Including the harsh fall of Vincenza Nibali, who broke the collarbone in the fall with Sergio Henao, and is waiting for him.

“It’s a trouble. There was someone in front of the curve. It’s a tough stretch and a terrible downhill. It’s completely different than in Europe, we’re not used to it, “he said.

It’s not just another asphalt composed of another mixture, but different profiles. “They have a different road construction here. Very sharp and very sharp turns. He has to go very carefully. Swingers are tilted, not out but inside. But it was secured, there was foam on every curb and over the grids, “he said.

Was the race in his view too hard? “Making such a difficult track for almost 250 kilometers is something specific, but why not?The value of gold has increased. All the specialists were preparing for it, “König noted.

While he now had enough in the finish, he wants to be ready on Wednesday’s time. It’s where they believe more. It’s a shorter race. And his profile is sitting. “Getting back will not be a problem. I regenerate quickly. Rather to tune it up and get as much time as you like, concentrate on the middle, sleep well and eat well, “added Czech cyclist.