Martin Hašek younger in his debut, Bohemians made a valuable point

The snook’s debut in the first league was spent by midfielder Martin Hašek younger. In the Bohemians 1905 he got on the course of the Pilsen championship and helped the “Kangaroos” to a valuable draw 1: 1 in the second round. “I was nervous the day before the game, the more it came, The better it was, and I was really cool before the opening whistle The feelings are positive I’m very happy It’s been a year since you wanted to play the league, which I managed today, plus in Pilsen in a beautiful stadium against a lot of high- “ said a 20-year-old midfielder to the journalists.

Bohemians have been losing the tenth minute after the goal of Jan Kopice, but before the break,”I saw that the goalman was out and I did not want to make a thing of my own, because my left leg is much safer, so I’m not sure. “In the second half, Hasek could finish the turn when he appeared alone in front of Kozáčik, but the Slovak representative, this time, did not even think of it,” commented the guest of Prague Sparta. His attempt was eliminated. “I have to point out that he went there a lot and read where I’m going to play. I do not know if I could lobby, I thought I had a very low balloon.Maybe I have to choose the other side, mostly go to the goalie for the cross wound, “he said.

The Spartan pugilist has so far gained experience in the second league, where he entered Vlasim, Pardubice and Žižkov. The difficulty of the highest competition was confirmed by the convulsions he had at the end of the match, which he attributed especially to the fact that instead of the usual position of the midfielder he stepped on the edge of the deposit to help Dostálovi with the defenders of the Pilsner Beech Limbersky. On the edge it’s different. There are more longer sprints, longer runs, the middle of the backup is rather short distances.The convulsions were caused by a change in position, I’m not used to doing so repeatedly spins, “said the son of a former Spartan coach of the same name.

Before his father’s premiere, he did not ask for advice. Luck and let me use the game but I did not give tactic instructions, “admitted Hašek, who after the game wondered what words he will hear from the coach Vlašim. ” He will be awarded me a goal but will surely find some flint . For example, the second chance, but rather systemic things, is a dog, “he added with a smile.