Slovaks should have a predominance in Luxembourg

Luxembourg. It is an old-fashioned, nonfutbal-like, remarkably reminiscent of the fifty-year-old Passion of Bratislava. Tribes with blue seats are far from the lawn, dividing their athletic oval and high-heeled steel fence.

Right here, soccer players from Slovakia can celebrate the first ever European Championship, organized by the French for a year.

Our fans should prevail. About seven hundred Slovaks are about to fight.

A day before the match during the last training with a passionate crash, a team of mild girls beat the soccer players headed by Marek Hamšík.

The stadium is named after the only Olympic winner from Luxembourg. Josy Barthel won the 1952 run in 1952.Handballman interpreted

It is the largest stadium in the country with a capacity of roughly nine thousand people. In Luxembourg, they had a similar problem as in our country, the construction of the new arena has long been postponed for financial reasons. An investor was looking for.

“A new year should be built. It’s about fifty million euros. Seventy percent is to be paid by the state, the rest of the city, “says Martin Hummel, who translated the press conference of coach Ján Kozák.

He interpreted the first time, was surprised to have addressed him from the Luxembourg Union.

He lives in Luxembourg since 1993. His parents have come to play the handball in one of the richest countries in the world.

Mama was playing for Partizanske and father for Topolcany.Martin had ten.

He also plays professional handball for HB Dudelange. He is still Slovak, he did not ask for Luxembourg citizenship. Soccer is number one

“I’m playing handball, but there are not many pros here. You have to be at a good level. I have also played the second German league in the past, “added Hummel’s 30-year-old.

Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world, football players have never played in a big tournament and hardly ever go.

“Football is the most popular sport, before basketball and handball,” he said.

“Soccer has been professionalized in recent years in the country.The F91 Dudelange Championship has bought several foreigners, “Hummel added.

There are about seven hundred people in Luxembourg in the capital Luxembourg.

“It depends on the opponent when the Spaniards arrived, it was sold out.”