Slovan was the last of the day, now leading the KHL table of the West

MAGNITOGORSK, BRATISLAVA. In his 2012 KHL Premier League, the Slovan played the first two matches and had only one point in the draw for Riga at the regular time.

Last year, after two zero wins on the day of the Western Conference, he was leading a table with a full 6 points.

He won at home with Zagreb 5: 2 on Saturday, and on Saturday he also won the championship title in Magnitogorsk 3: 2.

On Sunday, the KHL did not play, September 7 is the Day of Remembrance for the victims of the air tragedy of Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.In the 2011 crash, Slovak striker Pavol Demitr died.

Slovan in Magnitogorsk defeated the trio Zaripov – Kovář – Moziakin, the most dangerous attack KHL scored only one goal in the five-handed game against three.

The Bratislava team had a lot of backed up to ten, but it was greatly hampered and again defended by Swedish goalkeeper Johan Backlund.

“We’ve scored two goals in the power games, and that’s why we’ve earned three points,” coach Rostislav Chad said on the club website.

The coach of Slovan has redeemed a variation in the power play when, as in the first match, the right defender put the striker Ladislav Nagy.

Experienced wanderer in 9th.Minute fired from the blue line, the knocked puck sent the Nedorost close to behind Košeckina’s back.

In the third third of the Nagy in the power play the winning goal, after Baranek’s pass from the right side fired lightly and Košečkin, who moved to the jar, slipped the puck under the concrete.

Nagy has four goals with Canadian Jonathan Cheecho of Dinam Minsk as the best KHL shooter. Nagyov goal.

Slovan played in Magnitogorsk concentrating, collectively, leaning on sports luck. He resisted the home pressure (missiles 29:19), the attack was effective.

The second goal shot at 17.Min Tikarov’s attack after the Magnitogorsk defense, the combination of Tičar – Murley – Bartovič ended the captain of the team with a precise shot from the left side.

Good chances in the match were also made by Rura and Ölvecki formations, but they did not change them. But it was important not to score a goal.

“We still have a lot of exclusions, we have to avoid this,” Ladislav Nagy warned ahead of Russia’s next game.

On Monday at 15.00 CET plays Slovan in Yekaterinburg and the trip ends on Wednesday in Kazan (17.30). Matches broadcast by Sport2. Magnitogorsk match.

Goals: 4. Blacksmith (Lee, Mozjakin), 29. Grigorenko (Kosov) – 9. Unnatural (Nagy), 17. Bartovic (Murley, Ticar)Nagy (Baranka, Jeglič)

Decided by: Kadyrov, Safjuľov – Gordenko, Tomilov, exclusion: 8:10 in 2 mins, power play: 1: 2, weakness: 0: 0, 6614 spectators.

Magnitogorsk: Kožečkin Birjukov, Antipin, Chabarov, Lee, Ibragimov, Bereglazov, S. Tereskenko Mozjakin, Kovar, Zaripov Platonov, Brent, Osala Kosov, Kamenev, Jakucenia Pare, Junkov, Timkin – Grigorenko >

Slovan: Backlund – Sersen, Baranka, Mayor, Sigalet, Brejčák, Mihálik – Nagy, Nedorost, Vondrka –