Stakhovsky complains that tennis players outside the top 20 earn little

On Wednesday I could for equipment equal distribution of bonuses among the elite and its challengers “thank” the Swiss Roger Federer, the Ukrainian knocked out in the 2nd round of Wimbledon.

When the seven-time champion and reigning International Open Championship England last time Federer lost before the quarterfinals stage at the Big Four – it was at the Paris Roland Garros 2004 – took it for the equivalent of 42 313 USD. Then it was the 3rd round.

Now for the second round on the grass in London Swiss premium received 38,000 pounds (58 349 USD).

Federer meanwhile 36 times without interruption not missed eight ball in the Majors.During a career he earned before this year’s Wimbledon 77,564,273 dollars, while Stakhovsky 2,728,393 USD. Already has security further 63,000 pounds. Season comes to 130 thousand euros

“It is possible that a tennis player who figures in the first hundred rankings, earning – exaggeratedly speaking – 50 euros per season, with 40 weeks a year traveling the world,” said Stakhovsky last year for the magazine Tennis Arena.

“I am not a spokesman for anyone, just before her. Many players, however, supports me.” Ukrainian added particulars: “I have a precise calculations in detail, I worked on it. A player who will only travel with a tennis coach, season comes to 130,000 euros. She invokes the absolute minimum.Each team member comes to an estimated 70,000 to 80,000 euros. In order to be a tennis player competitive needs around at least two to three people and family is also important. “

Stakhovsky warned that the figures should be seen in context and objective” Taxes on average eat up about 30 percent. It follows that all the bonuses, which show organizers are not correct – taxed directly in the tournament.Anyone who praise the profits of any player, you’re looking at significantly overestimated data. “

Stakhovsky then pointed out that the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), while fulfilling its commitment in the years 2012-2014 gradually increase subsidies for 20 percent, but they opened the scissors: “the differences between the initial and final rounds are so drastic that in those 20 winners percent means one hundred thousand dollars, but for Annual downhill altitude in the opening round of only $ 1,000.Compared with the footballers

Although the portal Left Bank offered Stakhovsky interesting data: “When a person travels with a trainer earns per year from 20,000 to 30,000 US dollars in net. I’m talking about members while Top 100. If you take a hundred the best footballers and golfers in the world, their incomes are incomparably greater. already a hundred of the best footballers in Ukraine I think earns more. ”

“Of course, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic a Murray, it’s a completely different universe, it can not be compared. Players who are out of twenty, but not excluding tournament bonuses no income. Contracts for clothes receive only members Top 5 or Top 10thI caught just the time when famous brands understand the need to pay only the best. “

Stakhovsky, former friend of Dominika Cibulkova, up to 21 attempt premiere beat one of the members of the Top 10, and a personal fight Grand Slam record off against veteran Austrian Melzer.

Two years ago succumbed in round 2 of the Croatians Ivan Ljubicic, otherwise ever crossed for the 1st round of the competition. He is part of the 116 positions in the world rankings, the highest so far was at the 31. place.