The athlete’s manager is happy with the silver ME and went to non-European Turks

Czech athletics has one of Europe’s most successful championships, although the championship in Amsterdam will be written in “just” in silver.The gold medal for the first time in the two previous championships is missing, but the number of Czech points in the eighth place was the best of the Czech Republic since the establishment of the independent republic.

“Good for me,” said Tomas Dvorak, Chief of the Championship. “Of course, it can always be better, but it’s not that it was better,” said a satisfied coach. “And at the Olympics in Rio, athletes who have not been successful or not,” he reminded, for example, The javelin, Barbora Špotáková, obstacle Zuzana Hejna, who was not in Prague because of the training man or javelin Jakub Vadlejch.

The Czech team won 49 points and took thirteenth place. The highest ever score (45) was the score in Gothenburg 2006.The silver championship was played by quartermaster Pavel Maslak, the janitor Vítězslav Veselý, the rookie Jan Kudlicka and the decathlon player Adam Sebastian Helcelet.

The Radek Jušek and the relay of men were 4×400 m, fifth was Špotáková, Sixth seven-seater Kateřina Cachová, seventh height Jaroslav Bába and eighth place were scored by the peacemaker Filip Sasinek and the cross-country woman Eva Vrabcová-Nývltová.

Personal records were missing

When Dvořák saw the hard progress criteria two years ago At the Olympic Games or the World Championships, has eased the limits on the European Championship to make youth tease. That’s why he was pleased that 51 competitors met the criteria, even though four of them had to start at the start.He was also delighted with success in qualifying and racing procedures. “It’s not all, which is the dream of every coach, but that does not happen,” he said.

Minus is the fact that no one has made a personal record, the Czech record created only the men’s foursomething relay, Has lost the opportunity to get to OH in time. “It was a pleasure for me to play the game, but it was not so good for the guys, but they turned,” said Dvorak. He also slammed Helcelet and Yushka, and he liked Sasinek, who is likely to have the additional Olympic nominations.He regretted Kudlicka, who had just passed the gold. “Víťa (Veselý) and Butter (Maslák) proved to be great competitors,” he added.

Špotákové Dvořák believes

“I had no expectations of winning a mile,” she recalled the health problems the world record had. “She has a manko, for the first time two races with a daily pause, the difference is striking, she did not feel well,” he said. “He does not have to start, he needs to throw,” he added.

He found negative. Not very good organization, especially on the side of traffic, the strong wind that was affecting all competitions, or the disqualification of Jakub Holuš, who would certainly fight for gold in the finals of fifteen hundreds.

“He would have won, .If he did so at the Olympics…”drew Dvorak and reminded of a slow pace with a quick finish, which Holuš sits.” And in a year, I also remember that I was snapping and dressing in here, “he smiled at the frequent changes Weather.

He also criticized the fact that there is not only one native Turk in the Turkish team, who has won twelve medals, plus only one European, and there have been voices in Amsterdam that the number of foreigners should be regulated.

“But I do not think there’s anything like that. At any rate, I am not a supporter, “said Dvorak.” They do not want us to pay for us, because we have nothing to offer them. On my part, however, it would be an assault on our athletes, “the coach offered.