The richest of KHL has paid half of what Boston has

BRATISLAVA. We want to catch up with the overseas NHL, the Russian leadership of KHL, headed by President Alexander Medvedev, has missed its ambitions since its establishment of the KHL over seven years ago.

The number of players in the world supertrust and spectators’ interest is not getting the KHL.

Although rich Russian clubs do what government, they lack the relationship culture, they match the players who have tried both competitions. In particular, they mean special ways to arbitrarily defraud players.

The first prize is defended by Metallurg Magnitogorsk, who won the Gagarin Cup with the third highest budget for player salaries – 23.6 million euros per year.Kovaľčuk was not enough

The biggest favorite of SKA St. Petersburg for the triumph was not the highest package of 28.9 million euros, but he did not get 11-15 million income of the KHL Ilie Kovalčuk.

Slovan was in the salary rankings last week with 4.2 million, which represents an increase of 0.3 million euros compared to the first year. Last year, the newcomer Medveschak Zagreb paid at least 4.1 million. euros. The NHL spent the most money on Boston’s salaries – 55 million euros.

Hockey legend Pavol Demitra was greeted at the end of KHL’s career. After leaving the NHL, Jaroslavla played the style. “On wider slopes, players have more time for technical pieces, playing more comfortably, which suits me.In the NHL, you will find yourself in physical contact immediately after taking the puck. “

The seventh edition starts in two conferences and four divisions in which 28 teams are deployed.

Newcomers are Finnish Jokerit Helsinki, HK Sochi, after four years Lada Togliatti returned to KHL. Missing both Lev Lev Prague and Spartak Moscow, which ended for financial problems, Donbass Donetsk had to interrupt for at least a year KHL’s participation in the war in Ukraine.

Every team in the base will play 60 matches, as well as 30 home and away.

Just before the start of the league, the management announced that it was moving the end of the transfer deadline from January 15 to December 25.

“The player exchanges were up to comic.Clubs that lost their chance to play-off were sold out by players. Strong buy cheap, weaker want to earn, “Dmitrij Kurbatov, executive director of the league, told The number of aliens remains

The following season still has the maximum number of aliens in club five (including the goalie).

This is also true for Jokerit or Slovan, who must have at least seven hockey players from the country where the club is based.

Since the 2016/2017 season, the minimum domestic player’s limit has been raised to ten.

In the Bobrov division, the Bratislava Slovan takes its third season.In the first he moved to the play-off, he did not succeed last year.

“Play-off is our clear goal, so we’ve invested in more players,” said general manager Maroš Krajci at the start of the preparations.

After not getting into the play-off, he did not lose optimism.

“We are doing hockey so we can get the” samovar “, as we call Gagarin’s cup, once in Bratislava, whether it’s three or five years. Will not succeed in the first or second attempt, but we always want to reach the peak of where we are going. “